Snoop Dogg‘s smoking levels have reached new heights as he was recently seen smoking a crazy joint modeled after himself.

The West Coast rap legend took to Instagram on Thursday (December 28) to share a video of him holding an elaborate 3D joint featuring a rolling paper bust of his face

In the clip, he said: “They done smoked this n-gga down to a tee, this Snoop Dogg blunt. Whoever rolled this for me, thank you cuh. We smoking the shit out this muthafucka to end the new year. Wow. Head blown.”

He added in the caption: “Smoking on @snoopdogg

The one-of-a-kind joint was created by Sesh Farms, who gave a detailed description of it on their own Instagram page.

“Snoop Dogg Joint v2 @snoopdogg @cbroadus,” the company wrote. “Had to roll the legend himself @snoopdogg bigger and better includes over 2oz!! of flower and crazy custom snoop dogg tip

This will be part of a art release i will be doing that will include large detailed creative rolls for sale $$ as fully smokable art pieces. More One of a kind insanely detailed Art pieces will be available in the future.”

They added: “rolled with- @rawlife247 Organic Hemp/Protips, @shinepapers 24k Gold papers, @juicypapers Licorice, @caligarsgluegar Rolling Glue

Snoop Dogg led fans to believe he had kicked his long-running weed habit in November after he announced he was “giving up smoke.”

But days later, it was revealed to be a promo stunt for the rapper’s new collaboration with Solo Stove, a brand of smokeless fire pits

Announcement: I’m giving up smoke,” he said in an ad. “I know what you thinking — ‘Snoop, smoking’s kind of your whole thing.’ But I’m done with it. Done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all sticky-icky. I’m going smokeless.”

Before the pump-fake, Uncle Snoop gave fans an insight into just how strong his iron lungs are, revealing he had smoked 11 blunts in one day during a trip to the Netherlands

Let me show y’all what I been doing today,” he said in an Instagram video from his hotel room. “All in a day’s work. Oh wow, that’s some good work dog. What kinda pack was it? Death Row. Let a brother know.

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