Akademiks’ love life has recently been ripe with drama, and he has now made a bold claim about an ex-girlfriend that could have serious legal repercussions for her.

During a new episode of Off The Record, the internet personality went off on a former partner, alleging that she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from him while they were together. Despite that, he said, he never took legal action against her

If she actually denies this, I got all the proof,” he said. “I could have had this woman in jail for 40 years. Are y’all listening to me? For 40 years. This is how forgiving I am, and this is why y’all going to call me a simp and I’m going to take it.”

He continued: “There was a time I used to have million dollars cash in my crib — that’s fact. Do you know this bitch stole half a million dollars from me? Cash!

Akademiks’ troubles in the romantic space never seem to end — Wack 100 alleged just a few months ago that Blueface slept with one of the streamer’s former girlfriends, though he didn’t specify who.

Wack and Adam22 reunited for an episode of their joint show on No Jumper in late September, during which the 43-year-old music industry veteran claimed that a woman catalyzed Ak and Blue’s animosity toward one another

Nephew forgive me, Ak’s hating on Blueface ’cause Blueface knocked his broad down,” Wack claimed. “You notice how he came out of nowhere with it? I ain’t gonna tell you which one. That’s Ak, it goes down like that.

“I watched Ray J hit LaDanian Tomlinson’s wife when he was still with the Chargers. Mothafucka can’t tell me nothing. I done seen the best of the best get hit. So whatever Ak had to say about Blueface — Ak, that’s my brother — but now we gotta clear it up and let people know why you so butthurt.

He continued to say that Blueface didn’t know it was Ak’s girl at the time, adding: “In [Blueface] defense, he didn’t know. He didn’t just go after his broad but it popped up it happened and Ak went through the phone and he found some shit and next you know he going at Blueface

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