BG Was Reading Gucci Mane’s Book In Prison Just Before Mike WiLL Made-It Connect

Mike WiLL Made-It stays connecting major artists together.

BG and Gucci Mane have opened up about the process behind their recent collaborative project and how producer Mike WiLL Made-It was a part of it all.

In a new interview, the newly minted rap duo broke down how they came together or their Choppers & Bricks album following BG’s recent release from a 13-year prison sentence. While it’s evident BG and Gucci Mane had previously built a rapport, Mike WiLL was apparently behind the scenes pulling the strings.

“Mike WiLL put it together, but Mike WiLL been knew I was a fan of his because I always been talking about it, and I always been shouting him out, you know what I’m saying,” Gucci said in part. “He really put it together for me like, ‘Ay you need to f##k with BG,’ and I’m like ‘Hell yeah, I want to put us together.’”

BG continued where Gucci left off, remarking he actually caught on to one of the shoutouts Guwop sent his way while reading the 1017 Records CEO’s book during his prison term.

“And actually, when I was reading your book and you sent me a shoutout in the book when you was talking about—I was like ‘Oh s##t,’ Na the s##t was real,” BG said.

He continued, revealing he read The Autobiography of Gucci Mane at least twice while detailing his favorite part of the memoir. “When I’m telling you I read your book twice actually. But that was real when I was reading the book and you was talking about a situation between you and Juvie (Juvenile).”

Check out the interview clip below.

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