Talib Kweli and Consequence‘s bitter feud has been reignited thanks to the latter’s fiery new diss song “Beef Forever.”

The track, which dropped on Friday (December 29), kicks off with the self-proclaimed “King From Queens” spitting: “We smokin’ on that Kweli pack, no apologies/ It’s Queens Get The Money, rest in peace to Prodigy,” before tearing into the Black Star rapper with unbridled fury

Using Kweli’s ex-wife DJ Eque as ammo, Cons raps: “You might have went around with the Lyricist Lounge, but the underground know who got the Lyricist Crown/ So you should be afraid, watch the levels EQ/ You should know that night I could’ve left with Eque.”

He then alludes to the sexual harassment claims made by Kweli’s former collaborator Res, spitting: “You probably so afraid of that left from Eque, and that’s the reason why them other girls got #MeToo’d/ You never been more than a Mr. Me Too, and you don’t really want no smoke with the one I too, n-gga/ We got beef forever, once we got beef we got beef forever.”

Listen to the full track below

It didn’t take long for Talib Kweli to discover Consequence’s diss track, and he took to Instagram to hit back at his former collaborator in a series of posts.

In the first post, Kweli posted a screen recording of Akademiks spewing right-wing talking points and saying: “That’s why Trump’s my guy,” implying that Cons was endorsing both men because his track had received support on Ak’s Instagram page

How @constv mad at me for saying what he be saying about Kanye two years before he said it [laughing face emojis] and @akademiks I been waiting for your Jerry the Mouse ass to jump out the window. So Trump the nazi rapist is your guy huh. Imma have fun exposing you in 2024 [laughing face emojis] LFG,” he wrote in the caption.

Kweli followed that up with a continuing diss of “Dexter,” as he referred to Consequence, while making reference to Akademiks’ recent rape allegations and throwing 6ix9ine into the mix

What’s crazy is @constv (Dexter) started stalking me in defense of Kanye, a man he now says the same things about that I said two years before he did,” Kweli wrote in the caption. “When called out for this behavior, @constv falsely accused me of being raped by Afrika Bambatta. Let’s say that horrible thing happened, which it didn’t, but if it did, I would not be something to laugh about.”

He continued: “Both @akademiks and @constv hang out with Tekashi 6ix9ine. @constv had his son around 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine was arrested for raping a minor. @akademiks and @constv are also Trump supporters. Trump was indicted for rape. Trump was also Jeffrey Epstein codefendant in a child molestation case. These are not coincidences. Birds of a feather indeed

After Kweli followed that up with a photo of Consequence and 6ix9ine together, the former G.O.O.D. Music MC fired back with an Instagram post of his own, pointing out that Talib Kweli doesn’t exactly have clean hands when it comes to #MeToo allegations.

“Hey @akademiks Don’t worry about DJ Chicken Fingers,” he wrote in the caption of the post. “He’s the BackPack version of R.Kelly. Promising Deals For The Panties. Knowing Full Well…He A Vaseline Boy

The beef all started when Consequence, a close friend of Kanye West‘s, took to Twitter back in 2022 to reveal that he had spoken to the Yeezy mogul and still stood by his old friend despite his antisemitic comments, for which he has since apologized.

“For clarity, Ye & I have had discussions about the events over the last few weeks,” he wrote at the time. “Have I agreed with everything No. Did I offer critique and solution Yes. Was our conversation private Yes. What needs to be understood is that I got the call 20 years ago when this happened…

He then shared a 2002 photo of a hospitalized Kanye, his face battered and bruised from when he got into a near-fatal car crash while driving home from the studio in Los Angeles.

Talib Kweli had a few thoughts on Cons’s stance and copied and pasted a Billboard article in a since-deleted comment on one of the rapper’s IG posts. The article involved Yasiin Bey donning Ye’s inflammatory “White Lives Matter” shirt, except he had altered it to read “White Lies Matter.”

“Yea you tried it. But you failed tho,” Kweli added

“This clown ass n-gga Talib Kweli writing Encyclopedias in my comment section on IG,” Cons fired back on Twitter, where Talib Kweli has been permanently banned. “Talib Kweli F R I E D N-gga mad about YE interview on @drink champs.”

He continued: “Was at Chris Rock + Dave Chappelle telling me he don’t want No Smoke with YE but then wanna be an Internet Thug in the comments. Maybe that’s what got you Banned from Twitter dummy

Then, after Kweli invited Cons onto his People’s Party podcast to hash things out, Cons told him: “Let’s not play no stupid games. One minute You Internet Thuggin. Next minute You Want An Interview. Come on beloved @talbikweli What We Doing???”

He continued: “When I saw you with @chrisrock + @davechappelle you expressed that you wanted to put it to bed with YE. So this feels like you trading Integrity for Clout. If you want me to do a sit down with you to be in the ‘Hot Seat’ then call me like a Real One

Let’s be clear. I’m not scared of you at all. Nobody is,” Kweli wrote back on Instagram. “Now to be even more clear, I didn’t approve this ask because I have no desire to interview at all. I didn’t ask anyone to email you and frankly I’m upset that my team sent this email because you are not welcome on my show.”

He added: “Your own queens people don’t fuck with you. Me having you on my show would have me looking sus. Speaking of sus, why have you failed to call out @kanyewest anti black nazi ass rhetoric?

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