Dee-1 Calls Out Viral Dance Video Of Kids Dancing To Sexyy Red’s Verse On “Rich Baby Daddy”

Dee-1 doesn’t think its appropriate for kids.

Dee-1, known for his song “Taking a Chance on Me,” has voiced his concern over a viral video featuring a group of young girls dancing to Drake & Sexyy Red’s song “Rich Baby Daddy.” In a video shared on X/Twitter on Tuesday (January 2), the rapper reposts the controversial performance before addressing the public with his thoughts. Dee-1 wastes no time in expressing his disapproval, stating, “This ain’t cool, man, and this ain’t cute.” The video has garnered a mix of praise and criticism. It has sparked a larger conversation about the influence of music and the responsibility of both artists and fans. However, he’s addressing the problem of young children listening to and dancing to vulgar and sexually explicit music

Moreover, Sexyy Redd’s verse on the track notoriously sings, “Bend that **s over, let that c**chie breathe. Shake that **s, b**ch, hands on your knees. Shake that **s for Drake (yup), now, shake that **s for me.” In his message, Dee-1 raises a crucial question: “What are we going to do about it?” He emphasizes the collective responsibility of artists, fans, and adults in shaping the cultural landscape. “It takes artists to make the music, it takes fans to support the music, and it takes adults to figure out what they’re going to expose their kids to. Right?” Calling on fans to take a stand, Dee-1 urges them to refrain from supporting and promoting such content

Dee-1 Reacts To Kids Dancing

Moreover, he calls on people to be more vocal. “Matter of fact, you really need to be vocal that you’re opposed to this if you really have a problem with it,” he asserts. Highlighting the power of collective voices in effecting change. Addressing fellow artists, Dee-1 emphasizes the need to resist manipulation and to be conscious of the impact their work may have on society. “As artists, we just gotta decide when we wanna stop being manipulated, man, and letting them use us as pawns,” he concludes. “I don’t understand. How MARKETING this makes you any better than the poor unfortunates who are also seeking attention at the expense of these children?” one person expressed on X. “There’s a lot of money in degeneracy and that’s the problem,” someone else said

Furthermore, others were holding parents accountable. “No, the parents are responsible here because they allow it in their household,” another shared. The rapper’s message carries a strong call to action as he declares, “This is the year of the shift. Happy 2024. Fans AND Artists. Our time is NOW to take the power back. Time to take action.” Dee-1’s words resonate as a cry for a reevaluation of the content produced and consumed in the hip-hop community. He thinks society should bring in a new era of responsibility and accountability. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Dee-1 on this subject matter? Let us know on

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