Erick The Architect has recruited the legendary George Clinton for a genre-bending new single from his forthcoming solo debut album.

Released on Friday (January 5), “Ezekiel’s Wheel” explores metaphors in the Biblical story of its namesake as a nod to Erick growing up in the church.

“’Ezekiel’s Wheel’ speaks on my initial discovery of being both a fan of music and the desire to become a musician,” Erick said of the song in a statement. “I had an eclectic taste as a kid for soul, funk and reggae music more than I ever wanted to be an MC. I was raised in church so reading the bible was a practice that provided value and faith.

“RÜDE CÅT and I became close friends over the years, both growing up in church with West Indian parents in NYC [and] the song really spoke to both of our upbringings. The song felt psychedelic, and who better but George Clinton to compliment that musical space. My mom was a big Parliament fan so I always heard his voice in my house.”

He continued: “I had the song on ice for a bit before George and I even met at a photoshoot, but I always had him in mind. It’s an extreme honor to work alongside him. He has an incredible legacy and is easily one of my favorite artists of all time.”

Explaining that he felt an instant connection to Erick —who he met at a photoshoot for his Funkadelic x Market capsule collection — George Clinton called his addition to the track “a natural process,” adding: “Dude’s got that next funk! I’m stoked by the final outcome.”

Erick The Architect’s solo debut I’ve Never Been Here Before will consist of 16 songs and is currently scheduled for a February 23 release. In addition to working with James Blake on the production of several cuts, the package includes guest contributions from Westside Boogie and Channel Tres, among others.

The Flatbush Zombies rapper and producer has also collaborated with FARR and fellow Beast Coast MC Joey Bada$$ on “Shook Up,” which was released in November 29.

In announcing the album’s release date, the rapper and producer took to social media to share a heartfelt message about the emotional process behind his upcoming project.

“I still haven’t cried yet,” he captioned an Instagram post that revealed the cover art. “I promised myself i would allow myself to, to let the emotions fall as they came to me— but for some reason i’ve just picked up my head and continued to work. as exhilarating as completing/announcing an album is, i can’t help but to think about what this album represents not only to myself, but also people just like me.

Erick added: “i really, really, really love this music shit. i really love diving into the work. i never understood why people praise being nonchalant. i used to feel so insecure when i went into studios and i’d see people sit in front of all this shiny gear and i had no idea what any of it did. shit…i still don’t know what some of those buttons do.”

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