Lil Tecca‘s new track, “Down With Me,” has proven that the young superstar is poised to take 2024 by storm.

Directed by Lil Tecca himself and produced by Massimo Cancelliere, the video officially dropped on December 29. It has amassed more than 2 million views in that time, thanks in no small part to the continuous teasing and promo done by the native New Yorker about the track on his Instagram page

“Show me somethin’ I ain’t never seen, won’t be easy for me, yeah-yeah (Blatt) / All the time that I could hear ‘em speak, that sh*t been hard to believe, yeah-yeah / Tables turned but you gon’ fuck around and wish you still had your seat, yeah-yeah / She said, ‘Tecca, boy, you think you the shit,’ but who fuckin’ with mе? Woah, woah,” he spits.

Check out the official video below.

Last week, Lil Tecca shared his New Year’s resolutions with XXL, in which he shared that his 2024 goals include taking acting lessons and releasing a video game.

The “Ransom” rapper said that he plans to diversify his creative portfolio in the new year

After this album, get into film. I want to direct a TV show,” he said. “I’ma start writing up dialogue for that and a timeline. I want to start doing acting classes. I want to create a video game where you could walk up to an NPC and become friends with ’em and be like, ‘Yo, what’s up? Let’s go to the store. Let’s do some crazy shit.’ Kind of like Grand Theft Auto, but you could talk to everyone that’s walking around like, they’re not just dormant.”

Lil Tecca didn’t say when exactly he expects to drop the new game, or which gaming company he plans on partnering up with to make the game a reality.

While his latest track has been well received, 2023 saw Tecca roasted for a snippet of an unreleased track that didn’t go down too well with fans.

A clip of Lil Tecca working in the studio surfaced online last year. In it, you can hear the sample he plans to use: Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine

Over the sample, he is heard rapping a few bars from the unreleased track including, “I keep my day going, I keep my bitch straight/ Said she want Casamigos, it’s a lit night,” he raps.

DJ Akademics eventually posted the clip to his Instagram page, where the comment section tore into the 20-year-old rapper. The Queens native was criticized for his lack of originality, and for wasting such a valuable sample.

No sample will be left standing after this new generation of rappers,” one person commented, while another one wrote: “We need to get far away from samples.”

“I hate when n-ggas sample a hood song just to be mid,” a third user declared.

“Damn Maxine from Living Single going crazy!” one person joked, followed by another who was straight to the point: “N-ggas need to leave the classics alone

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