“INSANO” Tracklist Out Monday, Kid Cudi Encourages Fans To Listen On Shrooms

“INSANO” will be Cudi’s ninth studio album.

Kid Cudi has revealed that the tracklist for INSANO will drop on Monday. Furthermore, Cudi also noted that he would be revealing the album’s features at the same time. Fans were overjoyed at news about the album that has been a long time in the making. It will be Cudi’s ninth album and his first since 2022’s Entergalatic. However, Cudi will be hoping to break back into the top five for the first time since 2020’s Man on the Moon III: The Chosen.

Furthermore, Cudi encouraged his fans to experience the album while under the influence of shrooms. “@KiDCuDi me and my gf were wondering if you’d recommend taking shrooms and listening to the album. We took shrooms once and had a crazy visual trip, but we didn’t listen to any music. This would be our 2nd time. We love you cudi ♥️🙏,” one fan asked. “Go for it!” Cudi said in response.

Kid Cudi Starring In Animated Sci-Fi Horror

However, INSANO is not Cudi’s only project in the works. He also revealed that he is returning to acting with a new animated vehicle, Slime. The Cleveland musician is set to star in and produce the film about two individuals who set off on a quest to find a cure for the side effects of a medical trial. The film will serve as the directorial debut of Jeron Braxton, an animator best known for Baby Demon. The script is the work of Brian Ash, best known for The Boondocks.

Cudi is set to play Glenn, a lab worker kidnapped by protagonist Muna as she searches for a cure for the trial that she underwent and that Glenn was involved in. It has not been revealed at this time who will be voicing Muna. This year, Cudi won an Emmy for his work in the trippy Netflix special, Entergalatic. He also had a supporting role in the Disney+ series Crater. However, the series was controversially pulled by the streaming platform after just a few weeks.

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