YNW Melly Is Ready To Get His Legal Situation “Over With” According To Fredo Bang

It’s no surprise as the rapper has been in police custody for more than five years.

Updates on YNW Melly have been few and far between since he was arrested nearly 5 years ago. When those updates do come they’re rarely added perspective on his mental state. Somebody who might know how he’s feeling right now is Fredo Bang. Though the two haven’t talked since 2022 he’s been a part of the trial since day one due to his association with Melly. Earlier this week he sat down with VladTV to discuss the case

He revealed that he learned about the mistrial immediately because people tagged him on social media. The resulting mistrial meant Melly would spend even more time in police custody unsure of his future, something Fredo says he feels bad about. “I know a lot of people who have been in a situation like that waiting years and years and years… I just feel bad because I know he’s ready to get it over with,” he said. He also revealed that they haven’t talked because Melly was stripped of his phone rights. “We ain’t even talked in a minute, because they stripped him of all his phone privileges, and stuff. He can’t even use the phone. So it’s been a very long time since I talked to him,” Fredo finished. Check out the full interview clip below.

Fredo Bang on YNW Melly’s State Of Mind

The interview comes a few weeks after Melly’s retrial was delayed once again. This delay came in late December of last year. Opening statements in the retrial are now expected to begin on March 5. The trial has been delayed numerous times already dating back to its originally scheduled October start date.

But it wasn’t all bad news for Melly. At the same time the start of the trial was delayed the judge also ruled in his favor, dispelling some evidence the prosecution was attempting to introduce. What do you think about Fredo Bang’s observations on YNW Melly’s current state of mind? Do you think the rapper will beat his double murder charges? Let us know in the comment section below.

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