JT and Yung Miami have been doing their own thing for quite some time, and now, the individual City Girls have each teased they’ll be releasing some new heat.

The ladies each took to their respective social media pages on Saturday (January 13) to tease the tracks. Up first was JT, who posted a video of herself in what appeared to be a hotel room, with some new music playing in the background

That same day, her partner-in-rhyme Yung Miami posted a video of herself in a Lamborghini, on what appeared to be the set of a music video for some upcoming music.

Check out the video evidence below.

Back in October, JT and Yung Miami stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss an array of topics, including the lackluster performance of their third LP.

“It’s tough times. You get what you put in, in this shit. And I feel like, collectively, we didn’t do what we had to do to promote the album,” JT admitted. “But if you don’t go hard with promoting your shit, and putting it in people’s face, it’s like, of course it’s going to miss people

Later in the interview, JT suggested that bad timing was also to blame for the album’s failure.

“Right now, stunting ain’t cool, because people broke,” she said. “I feel like we have a bad timing thing. I feel like our timing, and our management is poor. We’ve got poor management, poor timing — like, it’s really never no strategy. We just out here, like, why the fuck are we at The Breakfast Club a week after our thing dropped?”

RAW is the third studio album from the Miami duo, and features appearances from the likes of Usher (on the previously-released “Good Love”), Lil Durk, Muni Long, Juicy J and Kim Petras.

The album follows 2020’s City On Lock – which suffered a leak before it was even announced, leading to the girls dropping it earlier than planned. The album debuted at No. 29 on the Billboard 200.

Talking to Variety about the effort in an interview published on October 20, JT expressed her desire to have RAW bring fun and happiness back to the music game – as well as silence their haters.

“I feel like it’s going to shut a lot of people up too,” she said. “I feel like a lot of people are going to tune in just to have something to say, and when they finally listen to it, they’re going to like it.

Right now, it feels like there’s a lot of people doubting us. It’s just a bitter time for a lot of people coming out of the lockdown and people feel so entitled and opinionated and it’s just popular to be hateful right now. I won’t say that people are just hating on us, I just see a lot of hate in the world. I hope that this album puts fun back into music from our direction. I hope it makes them fall back in love with us.”

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