SNOOP DOGG ‘Smokeless’ Ad Flops For Company …

Snoop Dogg’s ad for smokeless fire pits totally won the internet last year … but the company that hired him says they won nada and their 4th quarter tanked as a result!!!

Solo Stove, the company behind the clever spot that teased the end of Snoop’s days of blazin’, fired its CEO after it fell short of its $520-$540 million yearly revenue stream … sounds like they were banking on Snoop to save their asses!!!

The outgoing CEO John Marris tells The Daily that Snoop brought them 60k new followers after his spot dropped and data shows the ad ranked high with just a few weeks to live in the public eye.

2024 projections have been adjusted for Solo Stove — the incoming CEO only has to clear $490 million and $500 million … which probably won’t be coming from rap fans; they were there to be entertained by the D-O double G, nothing else

Snoop’s also onboard to cover the 2024 Summer Olympics for NBC. Ya gotta wonder … what’s gonna happen to the execs when he earns higher ratings than the games?!? 🥴

We’ll know soon, we suppose.

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