Andre 3000’s New Album Is Getting IMAX Listening Experience

The screening will also include a Q&A with the rapper.

Last year, former Outkast rapper Andre 3000 surprised rap fans with his new album. The project was called New Blue Sun and before he released it he warned fans that there were “no bars.” He wasn’t kidding about that as the album is a series of long ambient jazz compositions. Andre is present on the record, though he mostly plays the flute and just as he promised doesn’t deliver any bars. The album was met with a mixed response from fans and critics alike.

Many online gave Andre 300 credit for taking such a bold artistic swing. That included some other rappers who took similar interest in potentially expanding their sound into instrumental territory. But many also criticized the album and Andre’s decision to make it. Many fans felt entitled to hear him rapping after waiting so long for new material. Others who are more familiar with ambient and jazz music criticized the project for being a relatively shallow indulgence into those sounds. Regardless of the criticism, fans who enjoyed the album will have an entirely new way to experience it soon.

Andre 3000’s “New Blue Sun” Hits IMAX

New Blue Sun: An IMAX Live Experience. Cinematic Album Listening Event & Live-Stream Q&A. 01/23/24 Ticket info in bio,” the caption of an Instagram post announcing the new screenings reads. It doesn’t reveal precisely what the new visual elements introduced to the album will be. But it does announce that the listening event will be accompanied by a Q&A with Andre himself.

Since releasing his new album Andre has been doing quite a bit of press and interviews. In those clips, he’s told a number of charming stories, including one where he discusses getting his former Outkast partner Big Boi into deep sea fishing. He also revealed that he had been secretly contributing to other artists music which caused fans to search out places he may have contributed. What do you think of Andre 3000’s new album being released through IMAX? Let us know in the comment section below.

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