DaBaby may end up being the only defendant in a lawsuit surrounding the fight he had in a Los Angeles bowling alley with DaniLeigh‘s brother.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Corbin Bowl in LA, has filed an answer denying any wrongdoing alleged by Brandon Bills (real name Brandon Curiel), who is currently suing the venue and the “Suge” rapper for damages stemming from a fight that took place back in February 2022

Bills has alleged that Corbin Bowl had a duty to protect him from the assault; however, it’s the alley’s position that they were under no legal obligation to do so. Bills is also seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

If a judge rules in the bowling alley’s favor, the legal responsibility for the lawsuit will fall squarely on DaBaby’s shoulders.

DaBaby and his entourage were involved in a physical altercation in February 2022 at a Los Angeles bowling alley which left Brandon Bills bloodied and slipping down the lanes.

In footage of the bowling alley brawl, DaBaby can be seen throwing the first punch at Bills, who has on more than one occasion called out the father of his sister’s child due to alleged mistreatment

After Bills collapses to the ground at the bowling alley, DaBaby’s entourage surrounds him and begins throwing punches at him. The incident left Bills with noticeable cuts and bruises on his face.

Police investigated the incident and looked to charge DaBaby with assault with a deadly weapon while the “Suge” rapper relayed his actions were in self-defense.

Bills refused to cooperate with authorities in the criminal case, bringing the investigation to a halt.

He did, however, file a civil lawsuit against DaBaby demanding “unspecified damages” for “physical and psychological damage” as well as coverage for his medical expenses.

The fight took place months after Bills expressed his unhappiness with the way things went down when DaBaby and DaniLeigh broke up. A heated apartment argument following the breakup led to her being charged with assaulting her ex back in November 2021.

Since the split, Dani and DaBaby have been co-parenting their daughter Velour, who they welcomed into the world in August 2021.

Subsequently, Bills hired a private investigator to formally serve DaBaby — born Jonathan Kirk — with a lawsuit stemming from the incident; but the rapper has been laying low.

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