YouTube vlogger Tasha K, known by her real name Latasha Kebe, scored a legal victory this week as a judge ruled in her favor in a legal battle with comic actor Kevin Hart. The ruling pertains to an interview Kebe conducted with Hart’s former personal assistant Miesha Shakes, which Hart sought to have removed from Kebe’s pay-per-view platform.

According to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, Hart filed an emergency petition for a restraining order against Kebe on Jan. 19. The petition was based on Kebe’s interview with Shakes, which Hart claimed contained defamatory statements and invasion of privacy.

During the court proceedings, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff expressed concerns about the lack of direct quotes from the interview in Hart’s petition. Beckloff emphasized that the petition was vague and failed to address actual malice.

The judge questioned Hart’s lawyers about the absence of a transcript of the interview in their petition. Despite claims by Hart’s lawyer, Donte Mills, that they possessed the transcript, they opted not to submit it due to privacy concerns. Mills argued that the transcript’s inclusion would invade Hart’s privacy.

Hart previously sued Kebe and Shakes for defamation, breach of contract, invasion of privacy, and extortion. The lawsuit stemmed from Kebe’s alleged demand of $250,000 from Hart to prevent the interview’s release. Hart did not comply, and the interview was subsequently published on Kebe’s pay-per-view website.

In the interview, Shakes made allegations regarding Hart’s personal life, including infidelity. Mills argued that while adultery may be morally objectionable, it is not illegal, and therefore, the claims were defamatory and demonstrated malice on Kebe and Shakes’ part.

Judge Beckloff rejected Mills’ arguments and denied Hart’s request for a temporary restraining order. Instead, he advised Hart’s attorneys to file a separate motion to submit the transcript under seal or pursue a preliminary injunction through the existing lawsuit against Kebe and Shakes.

The ruling represents a legal victory for Tasha K as she retains the right to keep her interview with Kevin Hart’s former assistant Miesha Shakes online.


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