Nate Dogg‘s estate has finally been settled, with the late legend’s widow and children to each get a handsome sum in the final settlement.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online reveal that the estate was determined to have a final value of $2.7 million, and the administrator of the estate has been ordered to disburse the funds evenly between Nate’s widow, LaToya Calvin, and his nine children

Although Nate Dogg was originally believed to have only six children, the probate judge determined that he was legally the father of three more.

The administrator of the estate also confirmed that all of the “Nobody Does It Better” singer’s debts — including an outstanding IRS bill of $144,000 — had been paid off, and no further obligations were necessary to be fulfilled by the survivors.

This ruling brings the contentious battle over the late legend’s estate to a close.

When Nate Dogg died in 2011, he died intestate (that is, without a will), and therefore, didn’t have provisions in place for the children he had with several different women.

What’s more, LaToya Calvin — who was the singer’s wife at the time of his death — nominated herself as the executor of the estate, and Nate’s children have been battling her in court ever since, claiming that Nate Dogg was actually looking to divorce Calvin before he died.

Nate’s children provided proof of their claims to the court, revealing that the rapper filed for divorce just 19 days before his death.

However, because the divorce hadn’t been finalized, Calvin was legally determined to be Nate’s wife — and thus, a beneficiary to the estate.

What’s more, back in October, Nate Dogg‘s ex-girlfriend, Shereda Williams, petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court to intercede on her behalf so she can get child support for 17-year-old Jayden, the son she shares with the late singer.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Williams showed petitions providing $4,358 per month in child support for the child, which were signed by the late hook king (real name Nathaniel Hale) in 2006.

Two years after Nate Dogg died in 2011, however, the courts ordered that Williams’ payments be reduced to $3,000/month. However, due to what Williams is calling a “mistake in the court filings,” she’s at risk of losing all of the child support and wants the court to petition her baby daddy’s late estate to come up with the funds.

Jayden, however, has been provided for in the final estate ruling

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