21 Savage allegedly tried to scam Adin Ross for $120,000 while playing dice together on the popular streamer’s Kick channel.

Earlier on Friday (February 2), the American Dream rapper was caught by Ross using what appeared to be scratched cards after the streamer gambled $120,000 and lost

Adin Ross noticed that Savage had seemingly scammed him while inspecting the backs of the cards from the deck the pair played with.

However, 21 Savage denied having any prior knowledge of the cards being marked.

In agreement and understanding, Adin Ross addressed the chat after showing the rap star the marked cards, saying: “Listen, I’ma be honest chat, they’re not his cards. I know he’s not gonna do that to me.”

When asked how they should move forward, 21 and Ross agreed to play NBA 2K so that the streamer could attempt to win back his money.

Even so, social media users took the time to break down exactly how 21 Savage allegedly used marked cards to scam Adin.

In a clip shared on X, the British-American rapper opened a new back of traditional red playing cards in front of the streamer. However, when Adin wasn’t paying attention, Savage passed the cards to one of his friends in the background.

21’s friend in the background then passed rapper a deck of marked cards, and when Adin wasn’t looking, he then pointed out exactly where the marked cards were in the mixed-up pile on the table.

After being caught, 21 Savage made sure to signal his companion to take away the marked cards without Adin noticing by extendedly rubbing his nose as a tell.

Although it seems that there is no bad blood between 21 and the former Twitch streamer, it appeared as if the Slaughtergang boss could not wait to leave the livestream.

After he got up to leave, Adin Ross even said to viewers at home: “That’s wild, bruh. I’m sticking to 2K wagers from now on. I learned my lesson, chat.”

That being said, Adin Ross still seemed to be in disbelief, even after 21 Savage’s exit. He once again whispered: “That’s fucking crazy, bro.

Elsewhere during the stream, 21 Savage admitted that he’s “tired” of the memes surrounding Drake’s “21, can you do something for me?” line from their “Rich Flex” collaboration.

When asked by a viewer about the viral lyrics, 21 answered: “I got tired of people saying that to me, yes. ‘Cause, how many times y’all gon’ say the shit?”

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