21 Savage, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj have joined artists like Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan, and Jason Isbell to get behind a proposed new law that would make AI-generated likeness of both their images and their voices off-limits.

Billboard is reporting that a total of 300 artists from a variety of genres have banded together behind the No Artificial Intelligence Fake Replicas And Unauthorized Duplications Act (also known as the No AI FRAUD Act) currently making its way through the House of Representatives. Backed by the Human Artistry Campaign, the No AI FRAUD Act would establish federal protections against the exploitation of artistry via artificial intelligence, should it be successfully passed

The No AI FRAUD Act would defend your fundamental human right to your voice & likeness, protecting everyone from nonconsensual deepfakes,” an ad placed by the Campaign on Friday (February 2) reads. “Protect your individuality. Support HR 6943.”

The bill was first proposed by the House on January 10, and has received bipartisan Congressional support.

It isn’t just artists voicing their support for the act. According to the outlet, the No AI FRAUD Act has also received support from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Universal Music Group, the National Music Publishers’ Assocation (NMPA), the Recording Academy, SoundExchange, the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) and the Latin Recording Academy.

Back in November, Cardi B let it be known where exactly she stands on the AI debate when she threatened a lawsuit against a company that used a deepfake of her voice to promote an Internet scam.

Taking to Twitter/X on November 22, Bardi shared the clip that features a dub of her fake voice over a real video of her.

“Yo it’s ya girl Cardi and I’ma show you how to put $16,000 in your pocket right now for free!” AI Cardi says in the clip. “So pay attention! The state’s handing out these stacks to every single one of y’all. You don’t even need a job! It’s all part of a stimulus-style program to help Americans get back on their feet. They’re sending out these health spending cards re-loaded with that green every single month!”

In her retweet, Cardi wrote: “AI is crazy smh….another lawsuit that fell right on my lap…I love easy money.”

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