Lil Yachty Recalls Writing A Hit For City Girls On New Track “A Cold Sunday”

According to Lil Yachty, he made seven figures off of the song.

Lil Yachty recently unveiled his new track “A Cold Sunday” to kick off yet another year of successful releases. So far, listeners are loving the song, praising the Georgia-born performer for his lyrical prowess. The jazzy single also sees Lil Yachty revisit writing a hit for City Girls, the 2018 Girl Code cut “Act Up

She a City Girl, I’m the real reason that she ‘Act Up,’” he reminisces on the song. This is far from the first time Lil Yachty has boasted about writing the fan-favorite, however. According to him, he made a killing off of the raunchy track, which is why he’s remained unfazed by criticism. “That was an eight-figure check, no cap, and it’s still coming!” he told fans on Instagram Live in 2020. “Seven, I’m sorry. Seven. Look, let me talk to whoever that civilian was on the last insert, whoever that nice civilian was. These n***as be so closed-minded, right? And these n***as ain’t never seen no real money, right?”

Lil Yachty Unveils New Song “A Cold Sunday”

Back in 2019, he also detailed how the song came to life in an interview with The Fader. According to him, he had to get out of his comfort zone to come up with some of the lyrics, which ultimately proved to be successful. “One day I was in the studio with my best friend Earl and he played the beat and said, ‘Write something for City Girls,’ and I was like, ‘Okay.’ And I just did it,” he described.

“I know them personally, and I know what women like to hear. What’s some, like, raunchy sh*t? I just started saying it, and before I went in the booth I said, ‘No homo, y’all’ because all my boys was in the room… I always wanted to write for somebody, and when I did, and it blew up, it felt so good.” What do you think of Lil Yachty writing “Act Up” for City Girls? What about his new track “A Cold Sunday”? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on for more

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