Killer Mike‘s cause of arrest at the 2024 Grammy Awards has been revealed, and it’s because he allegedly injured a female security guard.

Rolling Stone spoke with a senior law enforcement official on Monday (February 5), soon after the brief arrest from the night before. According to their report, the Run The Jewels MC was stopped backstage by the staff member following his wins at the awards show. In her version of events, she asked for his tickets and directed him to a security checkpoint, but he allegedly refused and tried to make his way around her

She claims to have subsequently “ran around and got in front of him again,” but he allegedly “pushed her to the ground,” causing her to suffer an injury to her hand and fingers.

She then called for help from her fellow security officers and, after receiving medical treatment, signed a citizen’s arrest for misdemeanor battery. As a result, Killer Mike was arrested and transported for booking and processing, and then released on his own recognizance.

He’s is scheduled to make a court appearance on February 29.

Despite the set-back, the Atlanta rapper isn’t letting the incident get in the way of his victories. Calling in to The Big Tigger Show the morning after to share his thoughts, his only acknowledgment of the detainment was oblique.

We hit a speed bump, and then we head back to the party,” he said.

Mike was otherwise reluctant to address his arrest during the interview, preferring instead to concentrate on his wins (Best Rap Album for Michael — a win he said he “really coveted” — plus Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for “Scientists & Engineers“).

Three Grammys, 20 years in the game, 48 years old,” he said of himself. “Beat out everybody in the thing. He beat the best of the best, so all you could say is, he one of the best. The best album in the 50th year of Hip Hop came from Atlanta, Georgia, from a man who will be 50 years old in three years.”

Killer Mike’s last Grammy victory came 21 years ago for his guest verse on OutKast‘s “The Whole World,” which won Best Rap Performance By a Duo or Group.

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