Cam’ron has lately become better known for his sports show alongside Ma$e than he has for his Hip Hop career, but the Dipset co-founder occasionally still gets behind the mic to remind everyone who exactly they’re dealing with.

Taking to the It Is What It Is podcast Instagram on Tuesday (February 13), the “Wet Wipes” rapper shows what he’s capable of lyrically when he name-drops JAY-Z, Dr. Dre, Usher, and more in what he called a “Two-For-One” freestyle that features him spitting over two different beats

In the first rhyme, he alludes to the fact that O.J. Simpson is now a contributor to his show.

“When I had no option, on my face a stocking/ Don’t worry about us knocking, we gon’ spray the locks in/ You see the camera flicker, that’s when the man is watching/ But I got O.J. popping/ N-gga, I’m Cameron Cochran,” he raps

The second beat finds him spitting over a “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”-esque loop. That track, of course, originally featured It Is What It Is co-host Ma$e, who gets shout-outs throughout the rhyme.

Check out the full freestyle, lyrical shoutouts inclusive, below.

Over 25 years into his decorated career, Killa is still sharpening his sword and flexing his lyrical prowess. But these days he’s doing it in an expensive suit, which he has claimed is worth eight times the average mortgage.

Last month, Cam’ron kicked off 2024 and Season 3 of It Is What It Is with a braggadocios freestyle over D’Angelo’s smooth “Cruisin” beat.

Throughout the three-minute freestyle, Cam name-drops the likes of JAY-Z, Method Man,Mobb Deep, Ma$e, Donald Trump, LeBron James and more.

“I did a lot of things to stay away from poverty/ Rolled Mobb Deep, causing havoc, made me a prodigy/RIP Bandana P and my father Gene,” he raps.

From Andre hustler shit I used to borrow jeans, then Wu-Tang made that song all they call the ‘C.R.E.A.M.’/Thanks Method Man that hook made my Beretta dance/And no I never left no prints I had them leather hands.”

Cam continued: “Way before Moderna I gave feins their medicine… We had the winters while Jay gave us the summers/Bron still in high school dunking and hitting jumpers kept Mav and Rich with ’em, Leon Rose like why you dump us?”

Nwigwe dubbed the freestyle “masterful,” while Twista, Jazze Pha, Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Don C, D. Nice, Wayno, Affion Crockett and more showed love in the comment section.

The clip even inspired producer Conductor Williams to seek out Cam’s attention in hopes of manifesting a collaboration with the Dipset rapper in the future

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