Beyonce Called Out For Allegedly Taking Publishing Rights From Songwriters By Tiffany Red

Beyonce reportedly takes 25% of publishing rights.

Fans of music are no strangers to hearing stories about shady dealings behind the scenes. A lot of the time that comes from artists themselves who reveal after the fact that they were locked into predatory record contracts. That also comes to light when there are public disputes between artists and labels. For much of 2023 pop singer Sky Ferreira made a public spat over her label refusing to release her new album for years. But now one of the biggest artists in all of music, Beyonce, is being accused of her own allegedly unfair behavior towards songwriters.

In a recently shared video, songwriter TIffany Red makes some allegations about the singer. She starts the clip off by complimenting Bey, describing her as the Michael Jackson of her generation. But that also means she could potentially have the power to change some of the mechanisms of the music industry. But she goes on to cite specific examples of songs from Beyonce’s album Renaissance. She claims that they had been written years before the album was assembled. Despite that she says that Bey got 25% of the publishing rights for the tracks. You can tell from her reaction alone that she thinks that number is drastically unfair, but not everyone in the comments agrees with her. Check out her video and some of the reactions to it below.

Beyonce Accused Of Taking Too Much In Publishing Rights

Some of the top comments on the post disagree with Red’s take. “If you don’t wanna give Beyoncé 25% of your publishing then don’t sell your song to beyonce. Go sell it to Lumidee. 🤷🏽‍♂️ beyonce isn’t forcing you to work with her. You want to write for beyonce because it’s BEYONCE and that is why she gets publishing,” the most liked response to her post reads.

What do you think of Beyonce taking a 25% cut of publishing rights for other songwriter’s songs? Do you think the number is too high and songwriters should be paid more? Let us know in the comment section below

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