T.I.’s Son Domani Harris’ New EP Draws J. Cole Comparisons

Domani Harris dropped his new EP “Dear Jane” on Valentine’s Day, and listeners are hearing similarities with J. Cole. 

Although T.I.’s son Domani Harris is following in his father’s footsteps with his music career, the 22-year-old’s latest song is drawing comparisons to J. Cole

Domani recently shared his new four-track EP, Dear Jane, released on Valentine’s Day (February. 14). When clips of his “Forever Lasting” video hit social media, users noted similarities between Domani and J. Cole

Listen to this with your eyes closed & tell me who do you hear,“ one user wrote, sharing a clip of the video. 

While many heard a resemblance to J. Cole, others were sick of the comparisons and praised Domani in his own right.

“Mmmmmm another hit! And his don’t sound like J Cole! He sounds like Domani! Put some respect on his name,” another person wrote.

People don’t know that Domani is a AVID J Cole fan who reached out constantly for advice and initially wanted to be signed to Dreamville. J Cole said he should go for it by himself & the rest is history,” a third person chimed

Back in 2019, Domani shared a video of a call from J. Cole heaping praise on his Time Will Tell album

This project is f###### amazing bro,” Cole told Domani. “You did such a great job on that s###. I really appreciate you sending that to me. I feel like I know you after listening to that.

According to Cole, Domani “delivered a classic. The fans gon’ listen to that s### for decades bro. I really feel you.”

He continued, “Please keep going. Enjoy your project. I’m sure it’s gon’ blow up for you. It’s going to be a slow burner … You did an awesome job.”

Listen to Dear Jane below

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