ScHoolboy Q has been actively hyping up his next album, though he does wish he could play it for one of Hip Hop’s most successful moguls before it drops.

On Monday (February 19), the Top Dawg Entertainment rapper continued to stir up excitement for Blue Lips, which is set to go live on March 1. In doing so, he also tweeted: “I wisH I could play tHis album for jay z [fingers-crossed emoji

Having Hov listen to the record, however, isn’t a priority for Southern California native.

When a fan commented, “Half a mill or play it for em?” he responded: “Half a mill wtf [laughing emoji] I ain’t dat crazy.”

ScHoolboy Q can, by his own admission, probably use $500,000 right now as he recently revealed that his home in Los Angeles was damaged due to storms and heavy rains in early February, while jokingly asking fans to help him with the repairs.

Last week, the 37-year-old MC took to his Instagram Stories to share clips of all the furniture inside his house covered in plastic sheets. This was most likely in preparation for the interior being repaired after the extreme weather conditions in the region around that time.

Bro, y’all better buy every fucking album,” the rapper can be heard saying in the first video while he walks around and gives viewers a look at the inside of his house. “Every fucking vinyl […] Y’all better buy every fucking t-shirt; y’all better buy two albums apiece.

“I don’t even got that living room no more, I don’t even got a kitchen. My gym all fucked up. Bruh, y’all better buy two of each, cuz. Oh my God, water, homie — that storm fucked me up. Storm fucked me up, bro.”

Atop one of the videos, he wrote: “My album a go fund me [laughing emoji] MARCH 1st. BLUELIPS BUY 2 of each.”

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