Cormega has shared his thoughts on the current state of Hip Hop and the music industry at large in a lengthy social media post.

On Tuesday (February 20), the East Coast MC shared a carousel of classic Hip Hop album cover art — including albums by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Nas and more — on Instagram and reflected on how much the business has changed since the ’90s

The thing that made these albums special was they caught your attention before you even listened to it and they all had no jewelry and cars etc as the vocal point,” he captioned his post. “Their vocals were the point. The beauty of us as a culture is the ability to make something out of nothing. Or to maximize the potential of what we had.

“Somehow the lines got blurred and #s became more important than artistry. Excessive spending and bragging replaced the main thing rappers should brag about which is skill.”

He concluded: “I’m grateful for new artist that have bars that make me value lyrical standards made by legends. I’m grateful for artist from my era that still have bars that push the boundaries I also appreciate when new artist blaze new boundaries. That’s the balance. Still waiting on Detox too.”

Check out Cormega’s post below:

On a similar note, Russ took Hip Hop fans to task once again earlier this month, claiming that they focus too much on “numbers” and not enough on artistry.

The 31-year-old MC took to Twitter in early February to expand on his long-held beliefs about quality being the most important part of creativity.

“Sales and streams should never count towards awards when everyone in the business knows sales and streams are often times manipulated and faked. what can’t be faked is what you’re actually hearing,” he wrote

There is no metric outside of what YOU think is the best. the metric for the Grammys is a small group of industry people voting on who THEY think is best. streams aren’t the ONLY factor, nor should they be especially when it’s known that they are often times fake.”

He continued: “The younger generation has really let numbers dictate what they think is good or not. No original thoughts of their own, just ‘hey look at the numbers, this means it’s the best.’ All while failing to realize that more than ever, numbers are being faked. Group thinkers are running rampant. I encourage everyone to think for themselves and let their own taste influence their opinion, not numbers.”

Russ then went on to say that fans who focus too much on numbers are “lost idiots” and called them his “least favorite fans,” saying they have “mush for brains

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