NEW ORLEANS, LA – B.G. has hinted at reviving Soulja Slim in hologram form for an upcoming show in his home city of New Orleans.
Speaking on Instagram Live this past weekend, the former Cash Money rapper revealed that he wants to honor his late Crescent City collaborator with a digital version of him at his homecoming concert

Lakefront Arena, we gonna start it off in the city. Wouldn’t be right if I ain’t start it off in the muthafuckin’ city, man,” he said, teasing a comeback tour.

“I’m tryna get this muthafuckin’ hologram of Soulja Slim, man. Bring Slim out. Gotta look into that. How they got the 2Pac hologram and Biggie, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston. I need me a Soulja Slim hologram.”

He added that a hologram of Soulja would “fuck New Orleans up.”

B.G., who was released from prison in September after spending more than a decade behind bars, may also be hitting the road with his former Hot Boys groupmates Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Turk.

Birdman first teased a Hot Boys reunion tour last year and things have been ramping up since B.G.’s return, with the “Bling Bling” rapper recently applying pressure on Weezy to make it happen.

Say Juve, there’s people on my line, man, about this Hot Boys reunion,” he said on Instagram Live in January. “Weezy, stop playing, man. It’s a big bag involved, man. Ya heard me?

“I know you super rich. I know you like Taylor Swift outchea. Come on, man. Stop playing, man. Let’s get to this bag.”

Wayne himself addressed the prospect of a Hot Boys reunion tour on YG‘s 4HUNNID Podcast earlier this month, and said there were just a few logistical issues regarding B.G. that needed resolving.

“We’ve spoken about it a few times but, you know, they have situations. Like B.G. just coming home so he gotta figure out: can he tour? Can he travel? And things like that,” he explained. “Juvie ready and Turk ready, but really we gotta see if Geezy can move around.”

When asked if that’s the “only piece” of the puzzle left to solve, Wayne replied: “Yeah.”

He added: “‘Cause everybody got their own thing. Everybody got their own record label, their own situation. Nobody ain’t tied down to nothing. So when we asked everybody, they were like, ‘Yeah, we can jump on whenever.’ We just gotta get Geezy right.”

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