The room was filled with laughter as Cam’ron and Ma$e cracked jokes about the rumors of them purchasing Dame Dash’s Roc-A-Fella shares. As they bantered back and forth, the conversation turned to the possibility of selling the shares to none other than Drake.

Listen to the New York City natives discuss the mock transaction at the 1:29 mark in the clip below:

“Drake was trying to buy Evander Holyfield‘s earlobe,” Cam said with a laugh. “Drake is out here copping shit — he bought Pharrell’s skateboard chains.”

The two New York City natives continued to tease Drake, insinuating that he was always on the lookout for unique items to add to his collection. They even hinted at having done some business with the Canadian rapper in the past, leaving their listeners intrigued by the cryptic comment.

The conversation took a more serious turn as they delved into the legal and financial troubles facing Dame Dash. The judge’s ruling to order the sale of his Roc-A-Fella shares in order to cover a significant judgment made headlines, sparking controversy and debate within the music industry.

As the two hosts dissected the complex legal situation, their quick wit and infectious laughter kept the atmosphere light. They highlighted the irony of the situation and openly expressed their opinions on the matter, providing an entertaining and informative take on the latest developments.

Their playful banter, coupled with their insightful commentary, made for a compelling and captivating episode of It Is What It Is. The dynamic duo combined humor and knowledge to engage their audience, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next installment of their show.

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