In a recent debate about the greatest MCs in Hip Hop, ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith made a bold statement about The Notorious B.I.G. He declared that if Biggie were still alive today, he could potentially be on the same level as JAY-Z. The debate sparked intense discussion as Smith defended his belief in Biggie’s talent and potential.

Smith went on to explain his reasoning, citing Biggie’s incredible lyrics and music as key factors in his argument. While he ultimately chose JAY-Z as the greatest of all time, he praised Biggie’s unique talent and the impact he could have had on the rap game if he were still alive.

However, the discussion didn’t end there. Smith also recounted a personal phone call he had with JAY-Z, in which the rap mogul expressed displeasure with Smith’s comments about his wife Beyoncé and Roc Nation signee Rihanna. This incident shed light on JAY-Z’s protective nature and solidified the personal and emotional connections artists have to their work and those they care about.

Smith’s debate and subsequent story about his conversation with JAY-Z revealed the passion and emotion that accompany the world of Hip Hop. The intense discussion and personal interactions added a layer of depth to the ongoing debate about the greatest MCs in the rap game, and it showcased the impact and importance of personal connections in the music industry.

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