Candace Owens Claims Diddy Lawsuit And Michael Jackson’s Death Are Connected

She made these claims on her podcast.

Conservative pundit Candace Owens has stirred controversy with her recent claims. She aimed to link Diddy’s latest lawsuit to the untimely death of pop icon Michael Jackson. Owens made these assertions during an episode of her podcast on where she delved into details surrounding Diddy’s legal troubles and what she perceives as a disturbing silence from the media. According to Owens, there’s a connection between Diddy’s legal woes and the mysterious circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s passing.

This case is arguably bigger than the Jeffrey Epstein case and yet the media is silent on it— why?” Owens asked her audience on social media. “Terrifying to consider but Hollywood and our politicians are being blackmailed into compliance.” Furthermore, she points to the fact that the man allegedly involved in covering up Diddy’s son’s involvement in a shooting incident was also Michael Jackson’s former head of security and was present at the time of his death. Owens suggests that this individual and others like him may resort to extreme measures, even murder, to protect their interests.

Candace Owens Spews Her Theory

Moreover, in her podcast, Owens outlined five key takeaways from Diddy’s recent lawsuit. She argues that the implications could be more significant than those of the infamous Jeffrey Epstein case. In addition, she took to social media to express her concerns. She highlighted the lack of media coverage surrounding Diddy’s legal battles and insinuating that powerful figures in both politics and Hollywood could be implicated. “The Diddy case is arguably bigger than the Jeffrey Epstein case and yet the media is virtually silent on it,” Owens tweeted. Accompanied by a link to her podcast. “That’s because they are implicated. It is dark, but we now know that both politicians and celebrities are being blackmailed.”

Furthermore, in her YouTube caption, Owens doubled down on her assertions. She suggested that the media and Hollywood have vested interests in burying the Combs lawsuits. She believes there’s a sinister agenda at play, one that aims to protect high-profile individuals from scrutiny and accountability. While Owens’ claims have sparked debate and skepticism, they shed light on the complexities of power dynamics within the entertainment industry. And the potential ramifications of legal scandals involving influential figures

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