Jam Master Jay‘s two sons have addressed the notion that legendary beatmaker was murdered because of his involvement in drug trafficking.

Maurice and TJ Mizell recently joined CBS News‘ for an appearance on “After The Verdict,” which will air in its entirety on Tuesday (March 19) at 11pm ET. In a preview released ahead of time, both men adamantly speak out against the notion that the late Run-DMC star was selling cocaine

We strongly believe that [the narrative he was selling cocaine because he needed money] is false,” the pair said. “We believe that obviously there was money involved and whether that was his money or not, it’s not like he was selling drugs.

“Jam Master Jay was also known for buying cars for everyone on the block on Christmas. When Christmas came around, three people were getting a Toyota, y’know? And we have a big family and we never longed for anything.”

An investigation revealed that the turtablist’s untimely death was over a drug deal gone wrong wherein Jam Master Jay allegedly acquiring roughly 10 kilograms of cocaine (worth an estimated $1.7 million) from a Midwest narcotics supplier months before his death.

When the Hip Hop pioneer sought to exclude two men named Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington from the multi-state drug deal, they “murdered him in cold blood,” prosecutors said in their 2020 indictment against the two men

The trial for two of the three defendants concluded in New York last month, with Jordan and Washington both being found guilty on all counts. They will both be able to challenge the verdict on appeal, but it is unclear whether they will do so or not.

“More than two decades after they killed Jason Mizell in his recording studio, Jordan and Washington have finally been held accountable for their cold-blooded crime driven by greed and revenge,” United States Attorney Breon Peace said in a statement provided by the Eastern District of New York.

That the victim, professionally known as Jam Master Jay, was a Hip Hop icon and Run-DMC’s music was born in Hollis, Queens, in this very district, and beloved by so many, adds to the tragedy of a life senselessly cut short.”

Last year, Jay Bryant became the third person to be charged in the case, though his trial will most likely take place in 2025. Like Jordan and Washington, Bryant has pleaded not guilty.

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