Metro Boomin Hinted At Kendrick Lamar Diss & Drake & J. Cole Beef With Tweet Pre-“WE DON’T TRUST YOU,” Fans Think

Now that fans have had a couple of days to dissect “Like That,” they’re looking back at the signs that pointed to this huge moment

Metro Boomin and Future’s collaborative album WE DON’T TRUST YOU sent hip-hop fans into a frenzy for its quality and for its confrontational stance. Moreover, Kendrick Lamar’s feature on “Like That” shaded Drake and J. Cole, proclaiming himself to be the only top dog in what he think is a falsely crowned “Big Three.” Of course, given Metro and Drizzy’s previous tensions plus some new theories that Fewtch is also beefing with OVO, this seems to have prompted a civil war of sorts in the rap game, one that we haven’t seen at this level of visibility and artistry in a long time. But with a couple of days of analysis in the rearview, fans are looking at old tweets and realizing the road here seems to have been paved all along

once you pick a side stay there.. #WEDONTTRUSTYOU,” Metro Boomin had tweeted on Thursday night (March 21), just 18 minutes before WE DON’T TRUST YOU dropped. Furthermore, fans have also unearthed plenty of old verses, interview clips, social media posts, and other instances and interactions that could inform this current state. However, since no one involved has either directly or indirectly addressed any of this, it’s a tough call to make. Even without this explicit confirmation, though, the narrative is already there, and it’s now on these artists to define how they will proceed*

In addition, some new clips and unearthed footage suggests that this supposed hip-hop war goes much deeper than those targeted on “Like That” or its creators. After Travis Scott popped out at Future and Metro Boomin’s Rolling Loud L.A. set, fans found footage of La Flame asking the duo to play the diss against Drake and J. Cole. While this doesn’t really confirm anything, a lot of social media users assume that Travis has his own issues with either MC. Still, considering that “MELTDOWN” arrived not even a year ago, it would be huge if something went down between him and the 6ix God in that short span of time.

Meanwhile, the “I Serve The Base” team hinted at this rift, but they also definitely predicted that they would hit it big with WE DON’T TRUST YOU. From what the album’s promising first week sales projections indicate, it seems like they would be right in this assessment. After all, the sad reality is that nothing brings clicks quite like conflict, especially amid the highest echelon of the genre. Nevertheless, we’ll see if any other developments paint other past statements or actions in a different context, and we’ll still be bumping this album to unearth more of its craft and creativity. On that note, stick around on for the latest news and more updates on Metro Boomin and all these artists.

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