Salacious Claims Made By Diddy’s Neighbor Were Made Up, Says Man’s Mom

Khaliq Thomas’s unverified accusations about the Bad Boy founder went viral.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been at the center of global attention all week after Department of Homeland Security officers raided his Los Angeles and Miami homes on Monday (March 25).

As the presently unspecified investigation plays out, countless allegations and theories connected to Diddy spread across the internet. For example, one man claimed he witnessed Combs possibly illegally interacting with underage women

“Tell him to stop bringing all them minors over here late at night. I live right next to him. He do too much,” a person now identified as Khaliq Thomas told onlookers outside Diddy’s L.A. residence.

Thomas also said, “It be like big-ass buses. You see all type of s### hop out, especially at night time around three o’clock in the morning. It gets wild. I’m his neighbor.”

According to TMZ, Khaliq’s mother, Holly, confirmed he lives in Diddy’s neighborhood but does not live right next to the Bad Boy Entertainment founder. She also described her son’s comments about Diddy as trolling and inaccurate.

Diddy faces multiple sexual misconduct lawsuits from alleged victims such as music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. The 54-year-old Hip-Hop mogul has not been charged with any crimes yet, and he maintains his innocence

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