JT Fires Back At Drug Allegations, Amidst Reports Of Yung Miami Trafficking Cocaine

Stop playing with me! PLEASE.”

In the midst of swirling rumors and accusations, JT of City Girls found herself in the spotlight once again. This time addressing allegations that she was obtaining cocaine from hip-hop mogul Diddy in connection with Yung Miami. An amended lawsuit filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones against hip-hop icon Diddy has taken an unexpected turn. It implicated Yung Miami in the alleged transportation of “pink cocaine.” “Pink cocaine” is street terminology for a potent mix of ecstasy and cocaine known as “tuci.” The lawsuit, which was amended on Monday (March 25), expands upon previous claims, with Lil Rod diving into explicit details regarding Diddy’s affinity for “pink cocaine” and its distribution through his alleged drug mule, Brendan Paul. These startling accusations have thrust Yung Miami into the spotlight, adding a new layer of complexity to the ongoing legal saga surrounding Diddy.

However, a resurfaced clip circulated on socials today which prompted JT’s clapback. In a captured moment from a video clip dating back to 2019, JT and Yung Miami were engaged in an Instagram Live session. During a brief moment of absence from the frame, viewers claimed to have heard a suspicious noise, prompting speculation that JT was snorting drugs. “So that’s where JT getting that shit from? Makes perfect sense now,” the fan wrote. In response to the fan’s insinuation that she was sourcing her narcotics from Diddy, JT wasted no time in setting the record straight.

JT Denies Drug Use In Connection To Diddy

Taking to Twitter, she addressed the rumors, highlighting the absurdity of the accusations given her strict adherence to drug testing while residing in a halfway house. “First of all I was in the half way house being drug tested EVERY night I went in! I explained this YEARS ago I NEVER did cocaine & never will it actually destroyed my family!” she explained. “Y’all get on her making jokes about s**t for shits & giggles & don’t know ppl post trauma! Stop playing with me! PLEASE.” Refuting the allegations, she her personal history and the detrimental effects of drugs on her upbringing.

In the realm of celebrity culture, where rumors and gossip run rampant, JT’s response serves as a beacon of authenticity and strength. This reaffirms her commitment to leading a life free from the influence of drugs. Despite the controversy currently surrounding Yung Miami and Diddy, JT is trying to keep her name clear. In fact, she has music with Doechii dropping soon.

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