Nessacary has made some bold claims about Megan Thee Stallion, alleging that the 29-year-old’s manager stole her ideas and gave them to his client.

The Ohio-based newcomer released “Killing All The Snakes” on Tuesday (March 26) and filmed its video in front of a mural of legendary Houston rappers located in Meg’s neighborhood in the city

On the track, she calls Meg a drunk in multiple ways and alleges that she was sleeping with her former label owner, Carl Crawford, as well as her current manager, T. Farris.

“Let me ride this little horse, giddy up giddy up/Y’all done gassed up her head up and now she running amok,” she raps. “She was naked, drunk begging Carl Crawford to fuck/All on Nicki live, being fake sucking her nuts/You done crossed every friend that ever entered your space/But tell me what you think they should expect from a snake/So many similes but that’s the type of shit you embrace/Your manager even say I’m better, rub that shit in your face!”

When a fan commented on the clip and said the “WAP” hitmaker most likely won’t respond, Nessacarry fired off some more shots at the superstar.

“First of all love, I didn’t expect your precious Megan to respond because she’s pussy,” she replied. “It took her almost what, 10 months to respond to Nicki [Minaj]? I didn’t expect a response — this is an artist’s purge.

Because when you have a manager who goes behind your back and gives all of your deals and your whole fucking rollout that you and your label been working on for months out of your fucking budget, and give it to the bitch that he’s fucking? It’s a problem and I’ma check the bitch who needs to be checked. Okay? Okay pumpkin! Goodbye!”

Megan Thee Stallion and 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO Carl Crawford have been at odds since late 2019, when she signed a management deal with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation, apparently without his knowledge.

Months later, she filed a lawsuit against the Houston-based label, accusing it of blocking her from releasing music and refusing to renegotiate her contract, the terms of which Roc Nation had raised red flags about

She filed another lawsuit against 1501 in 2022, asking a judge to declare that her 2021 project Something For Thee Hotties qualifies as an album and therefore counts toward her contractual obligations. The label countersued the following month, with Crawford calling the project a “bullshit ass mixtape.”

Following the release of her sophomore album Traumazine later that year, Meg amended her lawsuit to seek $1 million in damages while claiming the project had successfully satisfied her contract with 1501, granting her exit.

Last year, Crawford expressed remorse over his falling-out with Megan, admitting he made “mistakes” while also vowing to stop speaking ill of her in public. He chalked his conduct down to his “competitive nature” from previously being a professional athlete

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