Young Thug To Join Lil Wayne On New Single “Bless” Debuting At Wrestlemania 40

The announcement of Lil Wayne debuting a new single, “Bless,” at Wrestlemania 40 alongside Young Thug has fans buzzing with excitement. The unexpected feature from Young Thug and the production by Wheezy only add to the anticipation of the track’s release on April 5.

Fans took to social media to express their excitement over the collaboration between Lil Wayne and Young Thug, with many praising Lil Wayne for showing support to Young Thug during his legal troubles. The upcoming debut of “Bless” at Wrestlemania 40 is sure to be a highlight of the event, and fans are eager to hear the new track live.

Lil Wayne’s recent performance with Drake on his tour and his upcoming project with Wheezy, Weezy vs Wheezy, only add to the excitement surrounding his music. The release of “Bless” at Wrestlemania 40 is anticipated to be a memorable moment for fans of both artists.

Overall, the announcement of “Bless” featuring Young Thug at Wrestlemania 40 has generated a great deal of excitement among fans. The collaboration between the two artists and the production by Wheezy promise to deliver a standout track that will be a highlight of the event. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the track on April 5 and are looking forward to hearing it live at Wrestlemania 40.

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