J. Cole Washes Kendrick Lamar On Surprise Project Following Future “Like That” Diss

J. Cole’s surprise project, released on Thursday night, took the hip-hop world by storm with its final track “7 Minute Drill” taking aim at Kendrick Lamar in response to Lamar’s diss on Future and Metro Boomin’s track “Like That.” In the track, Cole praises Lamar’s earlier work but criticizes his latest album, suggesting that Lamar’s prime has passed.

The surprise project features collaborations with a range of artists, including Gucci Mane, Cam’ron, Ab-Soul, Central Cee, and others. However, it was the diss track towards Lamar that caught the attention of fans and sparked discussion on social media. Twitter exploded with reactions to the project, especially “7 Minute Drill,” with fans and critics alike weighing in on the lyrical showdown between Cole and Lamar.

Lamar’s verse on “Like That” helped propel the song to the top of various charts, showcasing the power of his lyrics and influence in the industry. However, Cole’s response on his surprise project has stirred up even more buzz and excitement among hip-hop fans. The back-and-forth between these two rap heavyweights has elevated the anticipation for future projects and collaborations from both artists.

With “7 Minute Drill,” J. Cole proves once again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. His sharp lyrics and clever wordplay challenge the status quo and keep listeners on their toes. As the dust settles on this unexpected lyrical battle, fans can only hope for more surprises and collaborations from these two talented artists in the future.

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