The recent social media exchange between GloRilla and JT following the mention of Glo on JT’s new mixtape has sent shockwaves through the rap community. The two artists, who have had a rocky relationship in the past, traded barbs and insults on Twitter, airing out their grievances for all to see.

It all started when JT addressed rumors of a physical altercation between her and Glo, stating that she had always maintained that there was no truth to the rumors. She went on to call out Glo for releasing a song about hitting other female rappers and then trying to promote female unity, labeling her actions as “corny.” The accusations and insults continued to fly back and forth between the two artists, with JT taking jabs at Glo’s wigs and Glo hitting back with comments about JT’s past legal troubles.

What made this social media spat even more intense was the fact that JT hinted at the possibility of the beef turning physical in the future, posting a list of her mugshots and leaving an empty space for an image of what could potentially be a mugshot of Glo. This escalation brought a sense of real tension to their online feud, leaving fans wondering if things could escalate further in the real world.

The timing of this Twitter war is also significant, as it coincides with the release of JT’s new mixtape, Ehhthang Ehhthang. On the track “Aite,” JT promotes unity and coming together, which seems to directly contradict the heated exchange between her and Glo. This contradiction adds another layer of complexity to their feud, and fans are left wondering how these conflicting messages will impact their future interactions with each other.

Ultimately, the public back and forth between GloRilla and JT on social media highlights the complexities of their relationship and the misunderstandings that can arise in the world of rap music. While fans may enjoy the drama and intrigue of a good feud, it’s clear that there are real emotions and tensions involved in these interactions. Only time will tell if Glo and JT can find common ground and move past their differences, or if their beef will continue to play out on social media for all to see.

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