Big Daddy Kane & Ghostface Killah Drop Gems On ‘I Got Questions’

Big Daddy Kane and Ghostface Killah are two legendary MCs in the world of Hip-Hop, and in a recent episode of the I Got Questions series, they sat down to drop some wisdom and reflections on their careers and the culture they helped shape. The conversation between the two artists was rich and insightful, giving fans a glimpse into their thoughts and experiences throughout their time in the industry.

One of the most striking moments in the interview was when Ghostface Killah shared how he first got into Hip-Hop after hearing Big Daddy Kane rhyme while hustling in the projects. He spoke about how that moment inspired him to pick up the pen and start writing his own rhymes, showcasing the powerful influence Kane had on his career. Similarly, Kane reminisced about their first meeting at a show in Newark, New Jersey, and how they immediately connected through a cipher with other iconic artists like RZA and Raekwon.

As they sipped wine and delved deeper into their experiences, Kane revealed how a robbery at his grandmother’s home pushed him to pivot from being a DJ to focusing on rhyming. Ghostface also opened up about the emotional toll of performing his track “All That I Got Is You” with Mary J. Blige, highlighting the personal connection he has to the song and the pain it brings back.

The two artists also touched on the importance of connection in Hip-Hop, both within the community and with fans. Kane emphasized the need to bridge the gap between older and newer artists in order to pass down the knowledge and wisdom that was given to them when they were coming up in the game. Ghostface echoed this sentiment, stressing the importance of embracing fans and showing gratitude for the platform they have been given.

Overall, the conversation between Big Daddy Kane and Ghostface Killah in the I Got Questions series was a powerful and illuminating look into their journeys as artists and the impact they have had on the Hip-Hop community. Their insights and reflections serve as valuable lessons for aspiring artists and fans alike, reminding us of the importance of connection, authenticity, and gratitude in the world of music.

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