Beyonce’s Daughter Rumi Carter Breaks Blue Ivy’s Hot 100 Record
Rumi is now the youngest person to chart on the Hot 100.

Beyonce’s daughter Rumi Carter has made history by breaking her older sister Blue Ivy’s record as the youngest person to chart on the Hot 100. Rumi, at just 6 years old, is now credited on the track “PROTECTOR” from Beyonce’s album “COWBOY CARTER” which debuted at number 42 on the Hot 100. This achievement is a significant milestone for Rumi and adds to her family’s legacy in the music industry.

Blue Ivy previously held the record for being credited on the track “BROWN SKIN GIRL” from Beyonce’s “The Lion King” soundtrack in 2019. The song peaked at number 76 on the Hot 100, but it was enough for Blue Ivy to make history. However, Rumi’s appearance on “PROTECTOR” has now surpassed her sister’s record and solidified her own place in music history.

Beyonce has also made history with the success of “COWBOY CARTER” as the first black woman to ever top the Hot Country Albums chart in its 60-year history. The album has received praise from fans and critics alike, with every eligible song from the project hitting the Hot 100 in its first week of release. The album’s success has also made it the highest-selling album of 2024 so far, further cementing Beyonce’s status as a music icon.

The achievement of Rumi Carter breaking Blue Ivy’s record is a testament to the talent and influence of the Carter family in the music industry. Rumi’s early success at just 6 years old is a remarkable feat and sets a high bar for future generations. It will be interesting to see if Rumi’s record as the youngest credited artist on the Hot 100 will ever be broken, but for now, it stands as a significant milestone in music history.

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