Kanye West has always been known for his raw honesty and vulnerability in his music and public persona. So when he recently admitted on Justin Laboy’s podcast that he was hurt by a diss from fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk, it sparked a conversation in the hip-hop community.

Durk, who had previously collaborated with Kanye on the track “Vultures,” took a jab at Ye by rapping about taking off his Yeezy hat and giving it to his “lil’ hoe.” Kanye, who is notoriously passionate about his fashion line, Yeezy, took offense to the lyrics and reached out to Durk to express his disappointment.

In his interview, Kanye expressed his confusion and hurt over Durk’s choice to diss him in his verse. He questioned Durk’s motives, wondering if the rapper had ever truly liked him or if there had been some underlying issue between them. Kanye compared Durk’s diss to when J. Cole released a diss track aimed at him, but admitted that he was more hurt by Durk’s lyrics because they came from someone he considered a friend.

Kanye’s reaction to Durk’s diss highlights the complexities of relationships in the music industry, where collaborations and friendships can quickly turn sour. Kanye’s vulnerability in addressing the situation shows that even someone as successful and acclaimed as him can still be affected by criticism and betrayal.

Ultimately, Kanye’s admission that he was hurt by Durk’s diss serves as a reminder that even the biggest names in hip-hop are human and susceptible to emotional pain. It also speaks to the importance of honesty and communication in relationships, whether they be personal or professional. In the end, Kanye’s feelings towards Durk’s diss show that no matter how famous or talented you are, words can still have a powerful impact.

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