Common Hypes Up New Album With Pete Rock: “It’s In My Top”

Common Sense, the legendary Chicago emcee, is gearing up to release his new album with producer Pete Rock, and the anticipation is high. Common recently revealed during a MusiCares panel in Santa Monica that the new project is some of his best work to date. With classics like Be and Like Water for Chocolate under his belt, Common’s endorsement of his upcoming album as being potentially in his top three is a bold statement that has fans eagerly awaiting its release.

During the panel, Common discussed his top three albums, naming Be and Like Water for Chocolate as his top two. When it came to choosing his third favorite, he hesitated before declaring that his upcoming album with Pete Rock may take the spot. Common expressed his excitement about the new project, stating that it contains some of his favorite music ever. He went on to mention that those who have listened to it have given it high praise, with some even calling it one of his best albums.

Common Is “Excited” For Fans To Hear It

The collaboration between Common and Pete Rock is particularly exciting, as both artists bring a wealth of experience and talent to the table. Pete Rock is known for his exceptional production skills, and his work with Common is sure to result in a project that is both musically innovative and lyrically powerful. Common’s endorsement of the new album is a strong indication that fans can expect something special from this duo.

While the album has yet to be released, Common’s enthusiasm and confidence in the project is a promising sign for what’s to come. With his track record of delivering thought-provoking and dynamic music, Common’s new album with Pete Rock is definitely one to watch out for. As fans eagerly anticipate the release, it’s clear that Common is feeling good about his latest work and is excited for his audience to hear it.

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