Coi Leray’s latest music video for “Can’t Come Back” showcases her artistry and pays homage to the legendary Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle.” Leray’s video features her dancing in a warehouse, following the visual style of Jackson’s iconic hit. The video, directed by Reel Goats, captures Leray’s unique style and energy as she puts her own twist on the classic concept.

In the video, Leray exudes confidence and sensuality as she moves to the beat of her song, embodying the fierce attitude and empowering energy that Jackson is known for. The choreography and styling in the video pay homage to Jackson’s original video while showcasing Leray’s individuality and creativity. Leray’s outfit and body language are a modern interpretation of Jackson’s, showcasing her own unique style and personality.

Watch both Video’s below:

The song itself, produced by Melz & TrueBeatzz, features Leray’s signature flow and catchy hooks. The lyrics speak on themes of moving on from a toxic relationship and finding empowerment in one’s own pleasure and self-worth. Leray’s delivery is raw and emotional, showcasing her vulnerability and strength as an artist.

In a recent livestream, Leray opened up about her departure from Republic Records and her move to Island Records. She discussed the pressure she faced from Republic to conform to a more pop sound, akin to Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Leray expressed her desire to be seen for her artistry and creativity, rather than being molded into a specific image by a record label.

Overall, Leray’s “Can’t Come Back” music video is a powerful statement of her individuality and talent. By paying homage to Janet Jackson while putting her own spin on the concept, Leray showcases her unique style and artistry. With her infectious energy and bold attitude, Leray is sure to continue making waves in the music industry and establishing herself as a rising star.

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