Black Thought, Madlib, and Your Old Droog have come together to create a new song titled “Reekyod,” showcasing their individual talents and unique styles. The collaboration, released on Madlib’s Madlib Invazion imprint, features Black Thought’s intricate wordplay, Droog’s clever lyricism, and Madlib’s signature dusty production.

In “Reekyod,” Black Thought opens the track with thought-provoking lines about the pursuit of wealth and fame, showcasing his storytelling abilities and lyrical prowess. Droog follows suit with his own introspective verses, touching on themes of conspiracy theories and the quest for authenticity in the music industry. Together, the two artists create a dynamic and engaging track that highlights their individual strengths.

The collaboration between Black Thought, Madlib, and Your Old Droog comes as a result of Madlib bombarding the Roots MC with a collection of beats, sparking a creative process that led to the creation of “Reekyod.” Black Thought’s excitement about working with Madlib is palpable, as he describes the experience of sifting through the beats and finding inspiration in the production.

The release of “Reekyod” has sparked speculation about whether it is part of a larger project or simply a standalone single. Regardless, the collaboration between these three talented artists has generated buzz within the hip-hop community and left fans eager for more music from the trio.

Overall, “Reekyod” is a testament to the power of collaboration in the music industry, showcasing how artists from different backgrounds and styles can come together to create something truly special. With Black Thought’s introspective lyrics, Droog’s sharp wit, and Madlib’s unique production, the song is a must-listen for fans of underground hip-hop and innovative music.

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