Al Green’s reaction to Kendrick Lamar sampling him on “6:16 In LA,” from the perspective of a legendary artist who has been in the music industry for decades, is likely one of respect and acknowledgment of the younger artist’s creativity and talent. As a pioneer in the soul music genre, Green’s classic songs have stood the test of time and continue to be sampled and celebrated by contemporary artists.

In sharing the original song “What a Wonderful Thing Love Is” shortly after Kendrick dropped his diss track, Green might be signaling his approval of the sample and acknowledging the influence his music has had on newer generations of artists. Sampling has long been a tradition in hip-hop, with artists reimagining and repurposing older songs to create something new and innovative. By sharing the original song on his social media, Green is not only recognizing the connection between his music and Kendrick’s but also continuing to keep his own music alive and relevant in today’s music landscape.

In “6:16 In LA,” Kendrick Lamar delivers a scathing diss aimed at Drake, referencing their ongoing feud and criticizing Drake for his perceived actions and behavior. By sampling Al Green’s music on this track, Kendrick is not only paying homage to a musical legend but also using the sample as a tool to enhance the message and impact of his lyrics. The use of Green’s soulful vocals and timeless sound adds depth and emotion to Kendrick’s words, creating a powerful and engaging listening experience for fans.

As a respected figure in the music industry, Al Green’s stamp of approval on the sample used in “6:16 In LA” adds legitimacy and credibility to Kendrick Lamar’s work. It shows that Kendrick’s creative choices are rooted in a deep appreciation for music history and a desire to push boundaries and explore new sounds. By reacting positively to the use of his music in a contemporary context, Green highlights the importance of collaboration and cross-generational influence in the music industry, bridging the gap between past and present and ensuring that his music continues to resonate with audiences of all ages.

Overall, Al Green’s reaction to Kendrick Lamar sampling him on “6:16 In LA” speaks to the power and impact of music as a universal language that transcends time and generations. It showcases the enduring legacy of artists like Green and the ways in which their music continues to inspire and influence artists and listeners alike. Through his simple yet meaningful post, Green reinforces the idea that music is a living, breathing entity that evolves and grows with each new iteration, creating connections and bringing people together across boundaries and barriers.

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