In the world of hip hop, beefs between artists have always been a common occurrence. Whether it’s through diss tracks, social media jabs, or interviews, it seems like there is always some sort of drama brewing between musicians in the industry. One of the most recent beefs that has been dominating headlines is the ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

However, rapper Benny The Butcher has a different perspective on the situation. In a recent interview, he commended J. Cole for deciding to step back from the drama and not get involved in the beef between Kendrick and Drake. Benny expressed his support for Cole and his decision to apologize to Kendrick for dissing him on his track “7 Minute Drill.”

Benny’s comments shed light on the toxic nature of the beef between Kendrick and Drake, stating that it has become more about gossip and drama rather than a true rap battle. He highlighted the importance of staying true to oneself and not getting caught up in the drama that often comes with beefs in the hip hop world.

While beefs can sometimes be entertaining for fans and generate buzz for the artists involved, they can also be damaging to the culture of hip hop as a whole. Benny’s words serve as a reminder to artists to stay focused on their craft and not get caught up in unnecessary drama that can detract from their music.

Overall, Benny The Butcher’s words are a refreshing perspective on the current state of affairs in hip hop. By applauding J. Cole for his decision to distance himself from the drama between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, Benny is setting an example for other artists to prioritize their artistry over petty feuds and gossip. Hopefully, more artists will follow in his footsteps and focus on creating meaningful music rather than getting caught up in unnecessary drama.

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