Delaware rapper Sukihana has just dropped a new record titled “Cocaine” which is believed to be a diss track aimed at JT from the City Girls. The song has already caused quite a stir on social media and among fans of both artists.

In the track, Suki Hana takes direct shots at JT, calling her out for various reasons and questioning her authenticity. This move has sparked a lot of debate within the hip hop community, with many speculating about what led to this sudden feud between the two artists.

While diss tracks are not uncommon in the rap world, it is always interesting to see how artists choose to express their grievances through music. Sukihana’s bold move to release “Cocaine” as a diss track shows her willingness to speak her mind and defend herself against any perceived threats or challenges.

On the other hand, some fans have criticized Suki Hana for resorting to diss tracks as a form of conflict resolution. They argue that there are more productive ways to address issues within the music industry, rather than engaging in public feuds and negativity.

Overall, the release of “Cocaine” by Sukihana has certainly generated a lot of attention and controversy. It will be interesting to see how JT and the City Girls respond to the track, and whether this feud will continue to escalate or be resolved in a more peaceful manner.

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