In the snippet of her new summer anthem, Latto flips a classic T.I. song to create a modern and catchy track that is sure to be a hit. By sampling T.I.’s 2003 trap anthem “24’s,” Latto pays homage to the early 2000s Hip Hop era while putting her own twist on the song.

Skip to slide five in the below post to hear the teaser.

With lyrics like “Money, clothes, thick ass hoes/ I like all my diamonds froze/ Big bankroll, all summer white toes/ I can’t fuck no n-gga that’s broke,” Latto brings her signature swagger and attitude to the track. Her confident delivery and catchy flow make the song a perfect fit for the summer party scene.

While the full details of the song have yet to be released, the teaser gives fans a taste of what’s to come from Latto in 2024. With her recent release of “Sunday Service” and her ongoing rivalry with Ice Spice, Latto has been making a name for herself in the rap game. Her bold and unapologetic lyrics set her apart from her peers, and her ability to flip classic songs like T.I.’s “24’s” shows her versatility as an artist.

Overall, Latto’s snippet of her new summer anthem is a promising preview of what’s to come. With her unique style and confident attitude, she is sure to make a splash in the music industry with this track. Fans can look forward to bumping this song all summer long and adding it to their party playlists.

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