Despite their previous collaborations and seemingly amicable relationship, The Game’s “Freeway’s Revenge” demonstrates that he is not one to back down from a beef, especially when it comes to defending his fellow rappers like Drake. The diss track is filled with raw and cutting lyrics, showing The Game’s willingness to go for the jugular in order to put Rick Ross in his place.

One of the most glaring aspects of the diss track is The Game’s references to Ross’ alleged sexual kinks, weight, and health issues. By attacking these personal aspects of Ross’ life, The Game shows a willingness to stoop low in order to get under his skin. This type of personal attack is common in hip-hop beefs, where rappers often use their lyrics to diminish their opponent’s character and credibility.

Furthermore, The Game does not hold back in calling out Ross’ past as a correctional officer, a topic that has long been a point of contention in hip-hop. By highlighting Ross’ former occupation, The Game paints him as inauthentic and lacking street credibility, a cardinal sin in the world of rap music.

Additionally, The Game takes aim at Ross’ relationship with Gunplay, suggesting that there may be skeletons in Ross’ closet that his former protege is privy to. By insinuating that Gunplay knows damaging information about Ross, The Game effectively creates a sense of unease and distrust within Ross’ own camp.

Ultimately, “Freeway’s Revenge” is a scathing diss track that serves as a reminder of The Game’s lyrical prowess and ability to ignite rap beefs with his sharp-tongued verses. While it may be yet to see if Ross will respond to The Game’s challenge, one thing is for certain – the fire has been lit, and the rap world is watching to see how this feud will unfold.

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