Cam’ron Calls Out CNN Reporter For Asking Him About Diddy

Cam’ron’s recent interview with CNN took an unexpected turn when he was asked about the footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie. The rapper appeared visibly frustrated with the line of questioning, making it clear that he did not condone Diddy’s actions and distancing himself from the mogul.

Cam’ron, who has been gaining more media attention thanks to his podcast with Mase, It Is What It Is, had previously discussed the Diddy and Cassie situation on air with his co-host. However, when asked about it during the CNN interview, he expressed his displeasure at having to rehash the topic on his own. He emphasized that he was against the behavior seen in the video and clarified that he did not have a close relationship with Diddy.

Cam’ron Didn’t Like The Reporter’s Tone

The rapper’s irritation with the reporter’s tone became apparent as the interview progressed. When asked about his personal experiences with Diddy, he snapped back, stating that he did not know him well and found the footage disgusting. The reporter also brought up Diddy’s history of mistreating his artists, prompting Cam’ron to make her wait while he took a sip of his Pink Horse Power sex supplement before redirecting the question to his podcast partner.

Overall, Cam’ron’s response to the interview questions highlighted his discomfort with the topic and his desire to distance himself from Diddy’s actions. The rapper’s candid and unfiltered reactions made for a memorable and somewhat awkward moment on live television. Ultimately, the interview served as a reminder of the complexities of navigating personal relationships and public perceptions in the world of entertainment.

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