The ongoing beef between BIG30 and Moneybagg Yo has escalated to new heights, with BIG30 dragging Lil Baby into the mix while responding to a brutal diss song from Moneybagg. The leaked track, titled “Airball,” takes aim at BIG30 for allegedly betraying Moneybagg and making false accusations.

In his response, BIG30 accuses Moneybagg of biting Lil Baby’s style and suggests that he recruited Lil Baby for protection in their neighborhood. He dismisses Moneybagg’s claims of betrayal and asserts that he couldn’t have achieved success without his own efforts.

The conflict between BIG30 and Moneybagg dates back to their time working together on Bread Gang Entertainment. BIG30 signed to Moneybagg’s label in 2020, but tensions arose between the two artists, ultimately leading to their falling out. Moneybagg’s diss track highlights his frustration with BIG30’s alleged betrayal and failure to utilize the resources provided to him.

BIG30’s response on Facebook delves deeper into the complexities of their relationship, referencing the late Nuskie, another artist signed to Bread Gang. This tragic incident further underscores the deep-seated issues within the label and hints at a larger narrative of betrayal and mistrust.

The involvement of Lil Baby in this feud adds another layer of complexity to an already intense situation. By dragging Lil Baby into the mix, BIG30 raises the stakes and creates a more volatile atmosphere for all parties involved. This move could potentially escalate the conflict and draw more attention to the feud as it continues to unfold.

In conclusion, the beef between BIG30 and Moneybagg Yo shows no signs of slowing down. As both artists continue to trade diss tracks and accusations, the tension between them only grows. By involving Lil Baby in the feud, BIG30 has taken a calculated risk that could either strengthen his position or further alienate him from his former label boss. Only time will tell how this saga plays out in the world of hip hop.

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