Ma$e’s decision to remain silent on the Diddy drama has left many fans eagerly awaiting his response to the disturbing footage and subsequent allegations against the music mogul. Despite his history of discord with Diddy, Ma$e has kept quiet on the matter until now.

In a recent episode of It Is What It Is, Ma$e revealed that he has been saving his thoughts on the situation for a documentary that is currently in the works. While he did not specify which documentary he was referring to, there has been speculation that it could be the one recently sold to Netflix by 50 Cent’s G-Unit Film and Television Studios.

The bidding war for the documentary reportedly stemmed from the widespread interest in Diddy’s tumultuous personal life and business dealings, which have come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks. Ma$e’s promise to speak out “soon” suggests that he has a lot to say about the matter and is waiting for the right platform to share his thoughts.

In the meantime, Ma$e’s decision to withhold his commentary has drawn attention to his relationship with Diddy and the complexities of their history. The fact that Ma$e is choosing to address the situation in a documentary format indicates that he wants to provide a comprehensive and thoughtful reflection on the matter.

As fans await Ma$e’s forthcoming documentary, it is clear that his silence on the Diddy drama is not a sign of indifference but rather a deliberate choice to address the issue in a more in-depth and meaningful way. Only time will tell what revelations Ma$e has in store for audiences, but one thing is certain – his voice will be heard.

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